Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 9 of the Tour: 9-17

Hamilton High School, Chandler, AZ. 9:30am. A class of 25 advanced drama students, sophomores to seniors. They were rapt from the first line: ". . . so, this is death." Everyone in the room knew someone or had family in the military. Of those, three knew women who had been in.

Here is what those students had to say:

"I've truly never seen or read anything like this."

". . . another silent story now made known."

"These women go through hell and back more times than the male soldiers do."

"I feel shocked and ashamed of myself. I have never really thought twice about women in the military, let alone what they might be going through. . . this performance has reminded me of the things that go on outside of my little bubble of a world."

"Wow, that was really powerful. . . I never wanted it to end."

"This play touched my heart and helped me understand more of what it was like for the women so next time I meet one I will truly thank her for putting up with all that crap and yet still serving our country."

"I saw and felt all the women's stories. . . as a result I want to talk to anyone in my family who was in the military to see and understand any of their stories."

"I feel like I want to do something more. I know I am a very strong girl and now I feel like I am wasting it. . . I am so impressed by how strong women can be. I am glad this is being performed for people."

"I have never felt this way. I feel captivated and touched. . . taken all throughout the horrid experiences a woman has to endure so she can help serve her country. As a man, I feel guilty to have to share the title of "man," for what man has done."

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