Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 19 of the Tour: 9-27

Rincon High School / University High School, in their Little Theater

150 students from Drama, AP History and English.

Here is what some of them said:

"The more intimate images running through my mind were of sorrow and compassion. Every one has a different story, and they were all brought out individually."

"It was devastating. . . captivating."

"The women who dealt with the dead bodies. . . heart wrenching, and the reality of it all really hit hard. Thinking of all those who have died during war, it really brought it to a level of understanding and shock."

"It is cool to hear about the war from a women soldier's point of view. You don't really hear a lot about women in the army."

"It made me think of the other side of war other than the glorification. I think it is wrong how women are still treated."

"I feel like women don't belong in the situations they are presented with, and that they are underappreciated and are misused."

"The play made me think about the fact that we don't always question why we go to war. The US military is always glorified and we never hear anything bad about what goes on."

"I feel saddened, shocked, devastated, proud of this country's willingness to fight for honor and even sometimes pride."

"This had major meaning to me. It felt so real: I felt the pain, sadness, fear, strength. I felt as if it were me that she was talking about. I feel it is easier to be a man than a woman. This [play] opened my mind to lots of things and I don't know exactly what it opened. . . It brought tears to my eyes but I held [back] just to stand tall so we can stand up to a man. I'm pretty much speechless but in a good way."

"I never realized how painful or how depressing the outcome after a war or service [would be] until now. I felt chills just hearing these stories. . . I just wish there is another way to look for peace."

"I feel a bit inconsiderate of all things many women have really suffered. It angers me to know of women at war yet they were never mentioned, or perhaps it was me that never really thought of them. It makes me proud of all the women who sacrificed and how bravely they reacted, and how they remain standing. . . just. . . wowwwww."

"I feel women in the military are truly brave and heroic. This play was deeply moving and inspiring, but also extremely sad."

"I hate the war. I hate all war. I hate the fact that we are terrorizing people that are innocent and that we are killing Americans for no real reason. I will never join the military."

"The military offers opportunity. An opportunity to experience friendship and responsibility. It presents opportunity to love and hate. To live or die. There is no man or woman in the Army, just a soldier protecting the freedom of their country."

"I feel everyone must experience the war differently."

"Women in the military have to deal with tons of hypocracy."

"I have kept in my mind joining the air force as my plan B, but in all honesty, I'm sorta scared now. I'm extremely grateful for the sacrifices made."

"I feel overwhelmed. There was a lot of information given that I had no idea about. . . I have much respect for women in the military."

"[This] made me see inside the world of women in war. . . the things that women have to do to survive."

"I couldn't relate to any of it. I'm not a woman. I have no interest in the military. But it did give me goose bumps."

"I feel informed, astonished. I have a new perspective on women in the military. Moved, surprised."

"I personally want to go to the military and seeing this play really opened my eyes and made me think about things."

"It allowed me to realize further how much I despise the war and want to push for peace and respect for women."

"I think this was meant more to scare us out of the military than anything else. The military or the stories were bad and about rape, death, etc. The few good stories were made to look stupid and misguided."

"This performance evoked emotions I thought were buried. The stories are authentic, powerful, and accurate. This performance reminded me that all is fair and nothing is immoral or illegal when war fills the air. I feel that human nature is more powerful than moral reasoning."

"I feel offended by the play but in a good way. I see the military and women in the military in a new light. It portrayed so many things that I would rather have just not thought about."

"I feel that the performance was made for people to realize that sacrifices people make in war. The stories of the bodies made what war really is very clear."

"This really destroyed something inside me. I want to scream. I want to take action. I want to suffer. I fell numb inside. . . thank you for showing me this important, painful truth."

"I thought the military was good to all its soldiers. It was strange to see the bad side of it."

"The way I feel about all this war since 9/11 is that there are many casualties."

"I think that war and the military is not only overrated but it's also unnecessary. In the name of peace and freedom, we sacrifice so much that neither of those causes seem worthy. I condemn it all. Plus the military bans homosexuals and allows so much pain and hurt to live under their roof. I hold so much animosity towards it all that I can't even express myself."

"I am more aware of the sexism issue. I have family, particularly women, in the air force and I hope no one ever goes through, or has gone through, this."

"I feel everyone should be aware of what women soldiers go through."

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