Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 18 of the Tour : Benefit dinner & closing performance

The benefit dinner performance was at Peach Properties on 6th Ave and 7th St, 6pm---The Old Eric Firestone Gallery. Wow, what a fantastic evening: the conversation went into the night and felt particularly free, real and relaxed. Maybe it was sharing food, the intimate crowd, the space, the final performance? a relaxed yet rigorous conversation, appreciating and telling stories and asking questions. There were poets, feminists, Air Force and Army, a historian, a lawyer, educators, musicians, artists, writers, publishers, students, Women's Commissioners, a realtor, a surgeon, activists. . . making connections through this play. Caitlin talked about how Powder circulated around her base in Afghanistan and how female soldiers have been inspired by Christy Clothier's story of how she outsmarted the S.E.A.L. who tried to rape her; Kathleen said there should be as many genders as there are people in the world (so, 6.5 billion) and recommended the movie "Stop Loss"; Jeanmarie made an impassioned plea for helping Kore (we need it!) and spreading the word, generating support to keep this amazing, relevant and important project growing and moving forward.

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