Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 1 of the Tour: 9/8/10

The Marana High School intermediate drama class developed an improvised piece on war with Jeanmarie. Students spoke a phrase they chose while moving across the stage enacting a gesture they developed to go with the phrase. . . making a multi-vocal, multi-faceted piece on "war."

There were 30 students who watched the performance. They were mostly fine arts and theater students who chose to attend.

Student responses to the play:
"I feel like I understand more about what it's like to be in the military. . . it helps to really feel the stories and to hear the voices of the military women."

"I'm pissed about the sexual stuff."

"I feel empowered and broken, many emotions can run through me, and still I feel proud unlike any feeling. Women are strong. The story hit my heart."

Please join us here. Leave your comments about the play and your further thoughts on the conversations we have begun together.


  1. I remember doing this exercise with Jeanie when I was a student. How powerful to have these young people do this on such a powerful subject!

  2. I was moved to tears at one point - a young woman said (after the performance) that in spite of the fact that she would get a scholarship if she joined, the play changed her mind about going into the military after high school.