Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rainshadow Community Charter High School

About a hundred students, faculty and staff attended the performance October 27th at 2pm. The show was the first of its nature at the school - intense and intimate, rather than raucous and noisy - and the student body wasn't prepared to be quiet at first - they almost seemed to be watching television, making comments and laughing nervously (which is expected with the age group, in general). This video was taken (very washed out, unfortunately, but the audio is good) at a point when Jeanmarie paused to address the situation.

After this point, the room was much more quiet, if not pin-drop, sitting on the edge of the seat attentive. Thank the gods for small favors.


That is horrible and I never want to hear anything like that again.
I thought the performance was amazing! What really caught my attention was the passion in her words. I felt like I was there. She inspires me. I hope she continues to tell people her stories.

I didn't really know what she was talking about.
Thank you so much for bringing this to Rainshadow. It is heart-breaking, beautiful and insightful about a world I personally know very little about. These stories brought me closer to wars my own country has fought, but ones I never could find any sort of connection to. This play made me laugh, cry and angry at different times.

I really couldn't follow. So I didn't enjoy it too much. I didn't at all. Sorry, but I was bored to death. :(

Every word was a picture pixelated deep in my head. I cried. I saw the death. The sexual harassment. The 4 year-old daughter barely understanding the half-truth she was given. For a second, my mind made it real for me. I am a pacifist, myself. I dislike the mind games and the brainwash. But I know emotion is real and raw and this made me feel, and the way she presented this emotion was flawless.

Very threatening - feels like you're there and showed how she felt and went through. Very impacting.

This play showed a lot of things that I didn't know about the military. It was eye opening.

You did really great at performing. Those stories are historical to me now.

My thoughts aren't appreciated by 99% of the world.

It was inspiring.

Yes, it was a good play and it's good to where it tells that there is problems in the army and should be taken care of. Our military shouldn't mistreat women!

Thank you for the stories - they are a reminder of both how far we've come and how far we have to go.

Thank you for coming. That was wonderful. Thanks again.

Thanks for coming. I loved it. It was amazing.

It was very special and amazing and weird, but weird be good.

The performance was life-changing, inspiring and hope he people don't go through this while in the army again.

Thank you, thank you! I could hardly bear to look at you without starting to weep. It will be a very moving tape - no visuals needed. You may feel this has been battle condition performance!

She spoke clearly and she got into her story. It was good how she talked about her story or about the story in war. She was honest. Well it look like you wanted to cry - you were shaking when you were drinking water.

I thought that was a truly powerful story. Thank you for telling us.

I liked it, felt for what happened to these people.

It was inspiring. I'm very proud someone shares the story.

My sister would have loved this. She's going to join. :/

It was an amazing show. It was funny and sad.

I wanted to go into the army, but not anymore. Very beautiful how you expressed their stories. Powerful speech. Very sad.

I thought it was amazing and some of the stories were really messed up and touching.

I liked that the punctuation of the mortuary worker serves dually as a reminder of the premature finality of so many lives and as the specter of impending doom. There is SO MUCH more to say!

I'm impressed with the impression it left with these kids. Unfortunate that the theater medium can sometimes discredit the significance of facts with yet it's own entertainment identity.Without it no one from the general community would endure yet another factual dissertation. Good luck for I hope you open the eyes, and minds of many. After years of Actor's etc.. speaking out on issues, some without any reference,or legitimate justification; I believe while the masses follow unquestionably, the informed scrutinize dumbfounded. I hope your mission/message gets the time due it's importance. America truly needs to wake up from the dream, and become accountable; moral, honest, genuine, considerate, and truly conservative with their self administered entitlement.

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