Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rainshadow, 7pm October 29th

Full house at Rainshadow Community Charter High School on Friday evening, the 29th of October.

Excellent show... So much perspective jammed into 75 minutes... terrific!

Last night's performance was truly awesome and very moving... spectacular woman!

Amazing. Something to help us all understand. Jeanmarie is as versatile and heartbreakingly beautiful as ever.

The performance was outstanding. Everybody should see it, what an eyeopener.

One of the most powerful experiences I've had in a while. She is brilliant and the soundtrack is chilling. We need to find a way for caregivers and patient at VAs to see the production.

Powerful, and made me think. it seems every generation has to relearn the horrors of war...

What an amazing performance! Thank you for doing this. It gave me food for thought, even though I kept quiet during the civil discourse. I was listening and digesting and processing. Still feel it all very much.

Outstanding and important.

Totally sticks with you. Her face is so amazing. she is ALL those women.... actually...aren't we all?

Fantastic, thought-provoking show... a beautifully nuanced one woman show. I was also mightily impressed by the original music that provided a wonderful feel to the piece. Brava!

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  1. Friend and colleague, Joseph Galata, attended the Rainshadow performance. He posted this comment on my Facebook page: was so powerful. Another demonstration on how theatre and arts can educate! The dramatic talents of Jeanmarie bring to life the potent writings of diverse female soldiers. This program needs to be seen by TEENAGE GIRLS!!!!! Rape is a weapon of warfare and the presentation proclaims such! Two days ago I sat on bleachers at a high school watching a soccer game. Teen girls sat behind me. Their conversation about life was based on ignorance. For a brief moment I found myself thinking "I wish Jeanmarie was standing in the middle of this soccer field and doing her performance so these teenage girls could wake UP!!!!!!!!"